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Tools to DIY

Tools to DIY

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Auxillary Tank-Motion Pro (SKU: 1400-1043)Auxillary Tank-Motion Pro (SKU: 1400-1043)AUXILIARY FUEL TANK * For use when tuning a motorcycle with the gas tank removed * Includes 4 ft. of 1/4 inch fuel line and an 1/4 inch in-line fuel barb * On fuel-injected motorcycles, use our 08-0189 Deluxe Auxiliary Fuel Tank * Tank can also be used for refilling transmission oil on some late model MX bikes * Holds up to 2000cc or 1/2 gallon of fluid
Ball End Allen Set - Motion Pro (SKU: 1400-1038)Ball End Allen Set - Motion Pro (SKU: 1400-1038)BALL END ALLEN SET 9PC * Made of chrome-vanadium tool steel * Sizes included 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 & 10 mm * Ball end allows for better access to allen-head bolts (up to 25-degree working angle) * Convenient holder included
Bearing Extractor (SKU: 19114499)Bearing Extractor (SKU: 19114499)Bearing extractor for vintage Vespa scooters.
Canyon Dancer (SKU: 28-2030)Canyon Dancer (SKU: 28-2030)Canyon Dancer Bar Harness II - Black, Standard
The Canyon Dancer is incredibly useful when you need to strap down your scooter and we use them regularly here at the shop.  Pick one up and see how simple it is to use.
Cartridges - 16g Threade style (2/pack) (SKU: 85-6178)Cartridges - 16g Threade style (2/pack) (SKU: 85-6178)Innovations premium threaded cartridges 16g 2/pack
Clutch Compressor (ART.5424) (SKU: TCC1)Clutch Compressor (ART.5424) (SKU: TCC1)A very handy tool for taking apart your clutch. Compresses the springs gradually so you can remove the circlip. For all largeframe Vespa clutches.
Clutch Nut Std (ART.5429) (SKU: TCN1)Clutch Nut Std (ART.5429) (SKU: TCN1)This is a necessary tool for removing the clutch on all largeframe Vespa models (except GS with a tapered shaft). It removes the castellated nut that holds on the clutch. Be sure to bend back the tab on the locking washer first (and replace it with a new one)!
Clutch Puller - GS (SKU: TCP2)Clutch Puller - GS (SKU: TCP2)All GS150 models and some GS160 have tapered crankshafts on the clutch side, and this tool is necessary to remove those clutches.
Clutch Puller - SF (ART.5421) (SKU: TCP1)Clutch Puller - SF (ART.5421) (SKU: TCP1)This tool is necesary to remove the clutch on all smallframe Vespas.
Degree Wheel - Clear Plastic (SKU: TDW3)Degree Wheel - Clear Plastic (SKU: TDW3)A degree wheel is vital for setting the timing on a Vespa. This one is clear plastic so you can see what's going on behind it.
Dyna Beads - 1 oz. (SKU: Dyna Beads - 1 oz.)Dyna Beads - 1 oz. (SKU: Dyna Beads - 1 oz.)Dyna Beads - 1 oz. packet
Dyna Beads - 2 oz. (SKU: Dyna Beads - 2 oz.)Dyna Beads - 2 oz. (SKU: Dyna Beads - 2 oz.)Dyna Beads - 2 oz. packet
Dyna Beads - Applicator (SKU: Dyna Beads - Applicator)Dyna Beads - Applicator (SKU: Dyna Beads - Applicator)Dyna Beads - Applicator
Economy Repair and Inflation Kit (SKU: 85-6160)Economy Repair and Inflation Kit (SKU: 85-6160)Come with tire plugs, tube patches, glue, tire reamer, plug installation tool, Microflate inflator, and three 16g cartridges
Engine Bore Tool - NCY  for GY6 (SKU: 1400-1001)Engine Bore Tool - NCY for GY6 (SKU: 1400-1001)

Engine bore tool by NCY. A must for using most large bore cylinder kits. IMPROVED DESIGN!! Now works with multiple engine designs!!!


Flywheel Puller - Bajaj (SKU: TFPB)Flywheel Puller - Bajaj (SKU: TFPB)Tool for removing the flywheel on all the newer replacement flywheels for VBB and Sprint type bikes, as well as for our EIK electronic ignition kit. One comes with our kit, but if you lose yours, this is the one!
Flywheel Puller P (ART.5242) (SKU: TFP1)Flywheel Puller P (ART.5242) (SKU: TFP1)Flywheel puller for all P and PX series Vespas. This tool is necessary to remove the flywheel on these models.
Flywheel Puller PK (ART.5260) (SKU: TFP2)Flywheel Puller PK (ART.5260) (SKU: TFP2)Tool for temoving the flywheel on Vespa PK models with threaded flywheel center.
Flywheel Puller, Vespa GTS250/GTV (SKU: 020467Y)Flywheel Puller, Vespa GTS250/GTV (SKU: 020467Y)Flywheel puller tool for the Piaggio 250 & 300cc engines
Fourth Hand (SKU: TFH1)Fourth Hand (SKU: TFH1)This is the handiest tool you'll ever use on a vintage Vespa! It clutches the cable inner and holds it tight while you tighten down the pinchbolt. This model also locks in place so you can take your hand off the tool while you work! Ingenious!
Fuel Tap Wrench (SKU: TFT1)Fuel Tap Wrench (SKU: TFT1)Tool for removing the fuel valve on all vintage Vespa models. This tool is necessary to get to the nut at the bottom of the fuel tank.
Funnel, 2 Quart (SKU: 28-1009)Funnel, 2 Quart (SKU: 28-1009)Polyethylene plastic means flexible in all temperatures. Heavy construction assures a long life. Funnels incorporate a fine mesh brass screen and a hang tab for easy storage.
Funnel, 6 Quart (SKU: 28-1010)Funnel, 6 Quart (SKU: 28-1010)Polyethylene plastic means flexible in all temperatures. Heavy construction assures a long life. Funnels incorporate a fine mesh brass screen and a hang tab for easy storage.
Funnel, Ratio Rite (SKU: 28-1111)Funnel, Ratio Rite (SKU: 28-1111)Get a perfect mix every time. Fill you polypropylene Ratio Rite to the re calibrated ratio mark and pour into gas. No guessing and no mistakes. Ratios are from 16:1 to 70:1 for 1, 11/2, 2, 2 1/2 gallons. Calibrations also include oz., c.c.'s and pints on the opposite side for transmission oil, fork oil, etc. Total Capacity 24. oz
Hex Wrench Set (SKU: 27-0166)Hex Wrench Set (SKU: 27-0166)
Hose Clamp, Motion Pro - 1/4" - 5/8" (10) (SKU: 1400-1051)Hose Clamp, Motion Pro - 1/4" - 5/8" (10) (SKU: 1400-1051)STEPLESS EAR CLAMP, 7.8 TO 9.5 MM, PK 10 * Size range is 7.8 to 9.5 mm * Narrow 5 mm wide band provides concentrated seal compression * 360 degree Stepless design with no gaps on inner surface * Specially formed strip edges reduce the risk of damage to the part being clamped * Lightweight design * Tampering is visible * Sold in packs of 10
Magnetic Finger Glove (SKU: 57-10016)Magnetic Finger Glove (SKU: 57-10016)Holds Small metal objects. Great for starting or removing fasteners in hard to reach places. 2-way stretch spandex. Sold Each.
Oil Filter, Tool (SKU: TOOLOF4)Oil Filter, Tool (SKU: TOOLOF4)This oil filter socket tool is a necessary for removal of OEM Piaggio oil filters and the EMGO aftermarket oil filter.
Oil Syringe (for gear oil) (SKU: Mix-Mizer 10111)Oil Syringe (for gear oil) (SKU: Mix-Mizer 10111)Need something to get that gear oil into your scooter? We thought so! This is the syringe we use at our shop just for this purpose. It can measure out exact amounts and comes with tubing that attaches to the end of the syringe for easily adding gear oil.
Piston Pin Tool -Motion Pro (SKU: 1400-1042)Piston Pin Tool -Motion Pro (SKU: 1400-1042)DELUXE PISTON PIN PULLER * Interchangeable piston adapters * Made of durable 6061 aluminum * Fits all piston pins from 12 mm (1/2 inch) to 24 mm (1 inch) * Works on both full skirt and short skirt (slipper) pistons * Non marring aluminum pin adapters * Durable blue anodized finish with laser engraved logo * Patent pending
Prima Scootair Tire Pump (SKU: PUMP1)Prima Scootair Tire Pump (SKU: PUMP1)This handy tire pump is portable enough to keep with you, and could really get you out of a jam! High quality construction, and includes a pressure gauge!

Dimensions: 13 inches in length, 4 inch long hose, and 1 inch diameter.

Punch, Front Hub Bearing (SKU: 19120037)Punch, Front Hub Bearing (SKU: 19120037)This factory tool, along with 19120036, is a punch to drive in the caliper holding plate needle bearings on the front fork of Stella and late PX scooters.
Punch, Front Hub Bearing (SKU: 19120036)Punch, Front Hub Bearing (SKU: 19120036)This factory tool, along with 19120037, is a punch to drive in the caliper holding plate needle bearings on the front fork of Stella and late PX scooters.
Punch, Hub Roller Bearing (SKU: 19120038)Punch, Hub Roller Bearing (SKU: 19120038)This factory tool is a punch to drive the bearing into the front brake drum on PX and Stella scooters.
Seal 'n Air (SKU: 59-9128)Seal 'n Air (SKU: 59-9128)Most flats can be fixed in seconds without tools
Spark Plug Wrench (ART.4881) (SKU: SPWRENCH)Spark Plug Wrench (ART.4881) (SKU: SPWRENCH)Spark Plug 'T' Tool. Everybody should have one in his glovebox! Each end is a different size wrench: 13mm, 11mm, and 21mm, Italian made, quality zinc plated steel. Fits all models except smallframes. Smallframes, use SPWRENCHSF.
Spark Plug Wrench, Smallframe (ART.4870) (SKU: SPWRENCHSF)Spark Plug Wrench, Smallframe (ART.4870) (SKU: SPWRENCHSF)Spark Plug 'T' Tool. Everybody should have one in his glovebox! Each end is a different size wrench: 13mm, 11mm, and 21mm, Italian made, quality zinc plated steel. Specially angled to fit in the tight quarters of a smallframe Vespa.
Tire Iron - 15" Economy (SKU: 57-6211)Tire Iron - 15" Economy (SKU: 57-6211)This tire iron is for maximum leverage and both ends are curved.
Tire Iron, Motion Pro - Card of 10 (SKU: 1400-1035)Tire Iron, Motion Pro - Card of 10 (SKU: 1400-1035)TIRE IRON 8.5 inch, card of 10 * Self service display card contain 10 individual levers * Durable and strong cold forged steel construction * 8.5 inch size is easy to carry and fits in most fanny packs * Individual levers available separately
Tire Iron, Steel (SKU: 57-6225)Tire Iron, Steel (SKU: 57-6225)Tire iron 8.5" made of steel
Tire Pressure Gauge - Professional (SKU: 57-8***)Tire Pressure Gauge - Professional (SKU: 57-8***)Liquid glycerin filled gauge gives consistent readings regardless of temperature or elevation.
Tire Pressure Gauge - Tirepro (SKU: 57-0011)Tire Pressure Gauge - Tirepro (SKU: 57-0011)12" flexible hose makes even hard to get to valves an easy endeavor.
Tire Pressure Gauge - Tirepro Digital (SKU: 57-0012)Tire Pressure Gauge - Tirepro Digital (SKU: 57-0012)
Tire Pressure Gauge- Mini (SKU: 0363-0035)Tire Pressure Gauge- Mini (SKU: 0363-0035)Don't forget to check your tire pressure regularly.  This little gauge has a magnet to keep it secure on the inside of your glove box.
Tire Repair Kit, Tube Type - Prima (SKU: 0600-0001)Tire Repair Kit, Tube Type - Prima (SKU: 0600-0001)We worked with the famous Stop & Go company to put together this great tire repair kit! Includes everything you need to patch a tube and re-inflate your tire on the spot (besides wheel removal tools). This little kit could save you from pushing your scoot miles!

Tire Tamer (SKU: 235-9264)Tire Tamer (SKU: 235-9264)Revolutionary tool holds the bead away from the rim for easy valve stem, rim lock and tube installation. No more skinned knuckles!
Tool Kit for Genuine Buddy (SKU: F37065400000)Tool Kit for Genuine Buddy (SKU: F37065400000)This is the simple tool kit that comes with your Buddy scooter.  Simple screw driver and socket.  
Tool Roll w/ Cloth Bag (SKU: TR1)Tool Roll w/ Cloth Bag (SKU: TR1)Our best mini tool kit for your glovebox. Contains a combination screwdriver, 10/13mm wrenches, and a spark plug wrench with a 13mm socket on the other end, all in a heavy duty fuzzy bag.
Tool, Motion Pro - Supermoto Bead Buddy (SKU: 1400-1032)Tool, Motion Pro - Supermoto Bead Buddy (SKU: 1400-1032)BEAD BUDDY * For use on 3 1/2 in. to 5 in. wheel widths * Used to push the tire bead down into the drop center of the rim on supermoto wheels while using tire tools to change tires * Hooks over spoke and pushes bead down on opposite side of tire from tire levers * No more fighting to keep the bead down while installing your tires
Tool, Motion Pro - Valve Spring Compressor (SKU: 1400-1047)Tool, Motion Pro - Valve Spring Compressor (SKU: 1400-1047)VALVE SPRING COMPRESSOR * Improved quick action design * Used in same applications as Honda tool 07757-0010000 and Kowa tool AKS-215-1010 OEM tools * Accepts Motion Pro adapters (08-0248) as well as Honda OEM adapters 07GME-KT70200, 07JME-KY20100, and 07959-KM30101 for use in shim under bucket and small diameter valve spring keeper applications * Both cup-type and ball-type tips are included
Tool, Steering Ring Nut (ART.5419) (SKU: TSS1)Tool, Steering Ring Nut (ART.5419) (SKU: TSS1)This tool loosens and tightens the notched ring nut that holds in the steering column on all Vespa models. Very handy!
Tool, Top Dead Center Finder (ART.4931) (SKU: TTDC1)Tool, Top Dead Center Finder (ART.4931) (SKU: TTDC1)A very handy tool for finding top dead center on any scooter! Screws into the spark plug hole and stops the piston from travelling. Combined with a degree wheel, you can precisely locate top dead center and make your timing marks.
Valve Stem (4-Pack) (SKU: 85-0449)Valve Stem (4-Pack) (SKU: 85-0449)Pop-in valve stems (4-Pack)
Valve Stem - Brass Genuine OEM (SKU: P140B330000*)Valve Stem - Brass Genuine OEM (SKU: P140B330000*)90 degree brass valve stem OEM PGO brand

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