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2 Stroke Oil
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Mixing Cup, 2% OilMixing Cup, 2% OilAn essential item for every pre-mix scooter. Carry one in your glovebox! Has lines showing how much oil to add to 1 gallon, 1/2 gallon, and 1/4 gallon of gas for a 2% mixture. Make sure the mix is right every time.
Oil, 2 Stroke - Maxima "Scooter Specific" ConventionalOil, 2 Stroke - Maxima "Scooter Specific" ConventionalMaxima brand, scooter specific, conventional 2 stroke oil. About 1000 times better than the cheap generic 2 stroke oil you find at Wal-Mart or wherever that has a picture of a chainsaw on it!
Oil, 2 Stroke - Motul 800 Synthetic PRE-MIX ONLYOil, 2 Stroke - Motul 800 Synthetic PRE-MIX ONLYThis is the Motul 800 2 Stroke oil. It is for pre-mix scooters only. (Sorry Stella and P-Series riders) Expensive, but oh so good!
Oil, 2-stroke - Motul 710 SyntheticOil, 2-stroke - Motul 710 SyntheticThe legendary Motul 710! This oil can be used on injector type 2 strokes (Stella, Vespa P-Series, Buddy 50, Kymco 50, etc) as well as used for older pre-mix scooters.

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