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Oil, 2-stroke - IPone Strawberry

Oil, 2-stroke - IPone Strawberry

Oil, 2-stroke - IPone Strawberry
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This is one of our most popular oils. It's formulated so your enhaust smells like STRAWBERRIES!  This makes everyone smile.  A synthetic blend, imported from France. 1 liter.

High-performance lubricant specially formulated for two-stroke scooters subject to intensive use. 
Advantages :
-Reduces deposits and fouling.
-Preserves engine performance.

This oil can be used on injector type 2 strokes (Stella, Vespa P-Series, Buddy 50, Kymco 50, etc) as well as used for older pre-mix scooters.

*Avoid cheap generic 2 stroke oil you find at Wal-Mart or wherever that has a picture of a chainsaw or tiller on it. Stick with a good scooter or motorcycle specific oil.

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