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Oil, 2-stroke - Motul 710 Synthetic

Oil, 2-stroke - Motul 710 Synthetic

Oil, 2-stroke - Motul 710 Synthetic
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The legendary Motul 710! Scooter riders across the globe have been using this brand and series of oil for years and years. We have been using it both in our personal scooters and in our shop since day one. It's definitely one of (if not) the best 2 stroke oils out there. It is a synthetic oil that burns clean, leaving much less deposits in the exhausts than the cheaper oils out there. No one wants a clogged pipe and slower scooter, so we highly recommend using Motul brand.

This oil can be used on injector type 2 strokes (Stella, Vespa P-Series, Buddy 50, Kymco 50, etc) as well as used for older pre-mix scooters.

*Avoid cheap generic 2 stroke oil you find at Wal-Mart or wherever that has a picture of a chainsaw or tiller on it. Stick with a good scooter or motorcycle specific oil.

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