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Black Cat, Rattler & Roughhouse 50 Rear Wheel
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Img Ref # 1 REAR FENDER (SKU: P2634000650 BC)
Img Ref # 11 SPRING, BRAKE SHOE (SKU: E1407410000 BC)
Img Ref # 12 CAM, REAR BRAKE (SKU: E1407440000 BC)
Img Ref # 13 AEPE WASHER (SKU: 95511000002 BC)
Img Ref # 14 INDICATOR, RR BRAKE (SKU: E1407450000 BC)
Img Ref # 15 ARM, REAR BRAKE (SKU: P1407471000 BC)
Img Ref # 16 HEXAGON BOLT (SKU: 90020602203 BC)
Img Ref # 17 CABLE ASSY, RR BRAKE (Buddy) (SKU: P6544401000 BC)
Img Ref # 17 Rear Brake Cable Assy - BC, Rattler, RH50 (SKU: P2544400000N BC)
Img Ref # 18 PIN (SKU: E1544440000 BC)
Img Ref # 19 ADJUST NUT, CABLE (SKU: E1544410000 BC)
Img Ref # 2 HEXAGON FLANGE BOLT (SKU: 90180602000 use 90190601604 BC)
Img Ref # 21 SPRING, RR BRAKE ARM (SKU: C154D110000 BC)
Img Ref # 4 REAR WHEEL ASSY. - Black, Alloy, 12" (RH50) (SKU: P14071016D0N)
Img Ref # 4 RR WHEEL COMP.BLACK 10" (SKU: P14071046D0 BC)
Img Ref # 5 VALVE (SKU: P140B330000 BC)
Img Ref # 6 U TYPE NUT (SKU: 92011600000 BC)
Img Ref # 7 PLAIN WASHER (SKU: 92141700001 BC)
Img Ref # 9 BRAKE SHOE ASSY. (SKU: E14074000002 BC)

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