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Vespa GTS250 Tires
Vespa GTS250 Tires

Vespa GTS250 Tires

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120/70-12, Michelin Power Pure (SKU: 87-9804 or 0340-0391)120/70-12, Michelin Power Pure (SKU: 87-9804 or 0340-0391)The Michelin Power Pure is a great choice for the front tire of the Vespa GT and GTS scooter. With its tread and rubber dual compound, the Power Pure provides fantastic grip. And we have some of the best pricing out there!
120/70-12, Shinko SR723 Tire (SKU: 87-4260)120/70-12, Shinko SR723 Tire (SKU: 87-4260)The Shinko SR723 is a great choice for the front tire of the Vespa GT and GTS scooter. We had never heard of Shinko tires at our shop a few years ago, but these have quickly become our favorite "value" brand. Shinko has a rubber compound that is a great balance between hardness and softness. Couple this with a great "value" price and long-lasting durability that has impressed us (even compared to brands like Michelin and Continental) and we think you have one of the best scooter tires on the market.
130/70-12, Continental Zippy 1 Tire (SKU: 0340-0077)130/70-12, Continental Zippy 1 Tire (SKU: 0340-0077)Continental Zippy 1 provides probably the best all round scooter tyre for the rider who needs to feel confident about grip in any condition, under any riding circumstance. The Zippy 1 features a deep tread pattern to ensure maximum service life and confidence inspiring grip.
130/70-12, Kenda K761 (SKU: K761-07)130/70-12, Kenda K761 (SKU: K761-07)

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