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The Scooter Lounge Services
We accept repairs on a case-by-case basis.  Repairs are accepted only during business hours.  Please do not leave your scooter outside our building after store hours.  We schedule appointments only for routine maintanence such as tire changes, oil changes,  first services, and yearly maintanence packages.  These services can be done while you wait.  For all other repairs we have a first come first serve policy.  We understand that your scooter may be your only mode of transportation however we still enforce a first come first serve policy.  We try to move through our repairs as quickly as possible to serve you.  To schedule an appointment call 801-434-4536.  

We want you to be thrilled with our service.  If you experience a problem regarding our repairs on your scooter, please bring it back within 30 days so we can make it right.  

All vehicles that are not picked up upon completion after three (3) business days will be taken to an off-site storage location.  A $75.00 transportation fee and $10.00 per day storage fee will be charged.  After 30 days property will be sold.
Tire Services

Tire Services

Front Tire Change:  $35.00 + Cost of Tire
Rear Tire Change:   $52.50 + Cost of Tire
Rear Tire Change + Brake Pads/Shoes Replaced:  $70 + Parts
Valve Stem Replacement:  $17.50 + Cost of Valve Stem
Tire Mount:  $17.50 + Cost of Tire
Spare Tire Change:  $35.00 + Cost of Tire
Scooter Lounge Services

Scooter Lounge Services

Gear Oil Change Only:  $17.50 + Cost of Fluids (approx. $20 + tax)
Motor Oil Change Only:  $17.50 + Cost of Fluids (approx. $30 + tax) (oil filter is extra)
Motor & Gear Oil Change:  $35 + Cost of Fluids (approx. $50 + tax) (oil filter is extra)
First Service or                               $45 - $65 for 2 Stroke Scooters*
Yearly Maintenance Package:        $70 - $85 for 4 Stroke Scooters*
                                                       $115 - $145 for Modern Vespa*

                           *extra charge if an air filter is needed

Accessory Installation:   $17.50 - $35 (depends on accessory)
Air Filter Change:  $17.50 + Cost of Part
Bulb Change for Turn, Tail, or Brake:  $17.50 + Cost of Bulb
Bulb Change for Headlight:  $17.50 - $35 + Cost of Bulb (depends on scooter model)
Battery Replaced:  $5.00 + Cost of Part
Brake Pads Replaced:  $35  + Cost of Parts (for most scooter models except TGB Laser)
Brake Shoes Replace:  $52.50 + Cost of Parts
Brake Cable Replaced:  $35  + Cost of Parts (for most scooters)
Bleed Brakes:  $35 - $70 (depends on scooter model)
Carburetor Clean:   $52.50 (for most scooters)
Charging System Test:  $17.50
CDI or HT Coil Replaced:  $17.50 + Cost of Parts
Coolant Flush:  $52.50 + Cost of Fluids
Cylinder Kit Installed for Performance:  $140 - $175 + Cost of Part
Drive Belt Replaced:  $52.50 + Cost of Parts (for most scooters)

Estimate for Crash Damage:  $35 
Fuel Line Replaced:  $35 + Cost of Parts (depends on scooter)
Mirror Replaced:  $5.00 - $17.50 + Cost of Mirror (depends on scooter)
Oil Filter Change:  $17.50 + Cost of Part
Roller Weights Replaced:  $52.50 + Cost of Parts

Slime Removal From Rims:  $35 - $70
Spark Plug Change:  $17.50 + Cost of Part
Speedometer Cable Replaced:  $35  + Cost of Parts

Starter Replaced:  $35 + Cost of Parts (Stella is $70 + Cost of Parts)
Stator Replaced:  $70 + Cost of Parts
Stella Stage One Performance:  $105 + Cost of Sito Plus Pipe
Throttle Cable Replaced:  $52.50 - $70  + Cost of Parts (depends on scooter model)

Voltage Regulator Replaced:  $35 + Cost of Parts (for most scooters)
Valve Adjustment:  $52.50 - $70 (depends on scooter model)

Please Be Aware:  If tire sealants (like slime) have been put in your tires, there may be an additional $35-$70 charge to remove it from your rim when you have a tire or valve stem change.  Please avoid using all sealants or slime that are not meant specifically for scooters or motorcycles.

Please Note:  This is not a comprehensive list of all the services we provide.  We offer full service and repair to all makes and models of scooters.


We are happy to place a special order for you on any parts that we do not carry in stock.  We require pre-payment for the part plus shipping costs.


PLEASE NOTE:  Orders placed between October 17th - 27th, 2018 may be delayed.  Our online store manager will be out of town during this time.  We will do our best to fulfill your orders as quickly as possible.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

We are celebrating sixteen years of business - serving scooter enthusiasts everywhere!
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