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Scooter Transport
Need to load your scooter up? These products will help.
Ramps and Tie-Downs

Ramps and Tie-Downs

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Aluminum Tilt - A - Rack Scooter Carrier (SKU: Tilt-A-Rack)Aluminum Tilt - A - Rack Scooter Carrier (SKU: Tilt-A-Rack)

The aluminum Tilt-a-Rack is new and improved! It has a better wheel chock system, and is made of extruded aluminum! We love these racks! You simply tilt the rack down, roll the scooter up like on a ramp, and tie it down! Requires a class 3 or better receiver. We also recommend a pair of ratchet straps and a Canyon Dancer handlebar harness to secure your scoot!

Canyon Dancer (SKU: 28-2030)Canyon Dancer (SKU: 28-2030)Canyon Dancer Bar Harness II - Black, Standard
The Canyon Dancer is incredibly useful when you need to strap down your scooter and we use them regularly here at the shop.  Pick one up and see how simple it is to use.
Ramp, Aluminum (SKU: 61-0790)Ramp, Aluminum (SKU: 61-0790)A full 6' heavy duty ramp with long tongue and non-slip rubber pad. Tongue is welded to ramp; no assembly required. Load rated to 500 lbs.
Ramp, Aluminum Folding (SKU: 61-0720)Ramp, Aluminum Folding (SKU: 61-0720)Rubber dipped angle ends to protect the tail gate. Heavy dty design to acoommodate newer wider quads and UTV's. Folds in half for easy carrying and storage
Ramp, Curved Aluminum (SKU: 61-0722)Ramp, Curved Aluminum (SKU: 61-0722)Manufactured from T7 high tensile strangth aluminum. Multi-pupose use in loading ATV's, motorcycles, snowmobiles, lawn and garden tractors and mowers. Separate ramps for narrow or wide wheel widths. Curved design aid in loading machines with low ground clearance. Narrow enough to store between the wheels of most ATV's.
Ramp, Folding Aluminum (SKU: 61-0723)Ramp, Folding Aluminum (SKU: 61-0723)Heat treated aluminum construction. Multi-purpose use in loading ATV's motorcycles, lawn and garden tractor and mowers. Rungs have extruded surface grooves for added traction. Folds in half for easy storage. 500 lb load capacity. Buy 2 for ATV loading
Ramp, Folding Runway (SKU: 61-0770)Ramp, Folding Runway (SKU: 61-0770)Foldable - will fit in the bed of any pick-up or for security behind the seat of your pick-up. Load rated to 750 lbs. Both 79" and 92" lenghts available. Rubberised angle cut base for maximum slip resistance. Rungs have extruded srface grooves for added traction. Extrduded 6061 T6 aluminum
Strap, 1" Soft Tye (SKU: 29-1104)Strap, 1" Soft Tye (SKU: 29-1104)Can be used to attach to frame rails, racks bars, etc. May be used as standard tie-down or as soft-tye.
Strap, 1" Soft Tye with Secure Hook (SKU: 29-1110)Strap, 1" Soft Tye with Secure Hook (SKU: 29-1110)Same great features as soft tye, but with a spring loaded soft tye hook that can't come loose.
Strap, Ratchet Tiedown (SKU: 29-1095)Strap, Ratchet Tiedown (SKU: 29-1095)

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