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Scooter Top Cases
Scooter Top Cases

Scooter Top Cases

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K-Max (30L) Topcase (SKU: 0400-1067 Various Colors)K-Max (30L) Topcase (SKU: 0400-1067 Various Colors)K-Max Topcases is the official topcase manufacturer for Genuine Scooters.  In addition to being color matched for Genuine Scooters, K-Max Topcases have a simple to use quick release function, carrying handle, and backrest/LED upgrade options.

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K-Max LED Kit for 30 L Topcase (SKU: 0400-1071)K-Max LED Kit for 30 L Topcase (SKU: 0400-1071)

Tie in your brake lights to your 30 L K-Max Topcase with these LED light kits.  Easily installed inside existing reflectors, LED light kits make K-max topcases more visable when you stop. This installation includes cutting taillight wires.  As such, we recommend working with your local dealer for the install.  

*NOTE*  Because this kit requires cutting into the stock wire harness, it will void your warranty UNLESS INSTALLED BY A CERTIFIED GENUINE DEALER.  This is an electrical item and is not returnable. 

Shad SH29, SH33 Backrest (SKU: Backrest - DOR140)Shad SH29, SH33 Backrest (SKU: Backrest - DOR140)This backrest is for the SHAD SH29 Topcase.

Offer your passenger optimum support and comfort with a SHAD Backrest Pad. Designed specifically for SHAD Top Cases, this accessory is quick and easy to install. SHAD Top Cases feature pre-drilled holes to attach the backrest using the hardware included.

TC5 Topcase, Backrest Comfort Type (SKU: TC5-BR Various Colors)TC5 Topcase, Backrest Comfort Type (SKU: TC5-BR Various Colors)Backrest pad color-matched to Buddy seat colors, made special to fit our TC5 topcase.  Easy to install with 4 screws Pick a color to match your seat!

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TC5 Topcase, Key Blank (SKU: TC5-KEY)TC5 Topcase, Key Blank (SKU: TC5-KEY)
TC5 Topcase, Reflector (SKU: TC5-REFL)TC5 Topcase, Reflector (SKU: TC5-REFL)
Topcase Backrest (Black), K-Max 30L Topcase (SKU: 0400-1070)Topcase Backrest (Black), K-Max 30L Topcase (SKU: 0400-1070)

Add a comfortable passenger backrest to your 30 Liter K-Max Topcase for a very reasonalbe price.  The installation is as easy as 1, 2, pie as the only two tools needed are drill and a screw driver. 



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We gladly service the brands we sell:  

Please call or email to schedule an appointment before bringing your scooter in.  Scooters are accepted during business hours so please do not leave your scooter outside our building after store hours.  If you experience a problem regarding our repairs on your scooter, please bring it back within 30 days so we can make it right.  Vehicles that are not picked up upon completion after 3 business days will be charged storage fees of $10/day unless arrangements are made with management.  After 30 days property will be considered abandoned and sold.

We DO NOT work on off-brand scooters made in China unless they can get to us under their own power and are approved by management.  
We DO NOT work on legacy vehicles (scooters that are out of production) unless they can get to us under their own power and are approved by management. 

We DO NOT work on mopeds (gas powered vehicles with pedals), Honda Express, Trails, or Passports.  

We DO NOT work on motorcycles. 

We DO NOT work on stand up kick scooters unless it is a brand that we sell.

We DO NOT work on electric bicycles unless it is a brand that we sell.

We have a waiting list if you need work on Vintage Vespas.  Please do not drop off your vintage Vespa unless we have called you to bring it in.
All parts orders should be placed through this website.  
For assistance please email us at parts@thescooterlounge.com.  
We cannot place order over the phone.