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Scooter Seats
Scooter Seats

Scooter Seats

Low Profile Buddy Seat (SKU: 0400-1050)Low Profile Buddy Seat (SKU: 0400-1050)
Seat Assy, Stock - ET2-4 (SKU: 299226)Seat Assy, Stock - ET2-4 (SKU: 299226)
Luggage Rack, VBB Type - for Buddy Seat (SKU: 83995)Luggage Rack, VBB Type - for Buddy Seat (SKU: 83995)
Buddy Seat, 60s (SKU: BS1)Buddy Seat, 60s (SKU: BS1)Buddy seat for 1960s Vespas with the triangle-shaped cutouts in the factory rack. Fits VNA, VNB, VBA or VBB. Mounting brackets included.
Buddy Seat, 70s (SKU: BS2)Buddy Seat, 70s (SKU: BS2)Buddy seat for 1970s Vespas. Fits VBC, VNC, VLB, VNX, VLX or VSX. Requires buddy seat rack (175371) sold separately. Part BS2
Buddy Seat, 1946-50 black (SKU: BS3)Buddy Seat, 1946-50 black (SKU: BS3)Buddy seat for your 1946-1950 Vespa. Black. Part BS3
Buddy Seat, '48-58 Green (SKU: BS4)Buddy Seat, '48-58 Green (SKU: BS4)Buddy seat for your 1953-1957 Vespa. Dark green. Part BS4
Rack, 70s Buddy Seat (SKU: BSRACK)Rack, 70s Buddy Seat (SKU: BSRACK)
Complete Seat, 50 Spec Single (SKU: CS50SP)Complete Seat, 50 Spec Single (SKU: CS50SP)50 Special single bench seat. Fits all smallframes - very comfortable and nice silhouette! Part CS50SP
Seat, Ancilotti Large Frame (SKU: CSA1)Seat, Ancilotti Large Frame (SKU: CSA1)Racing-style seat for P-series Vespas. Fits VNX, VLX, VSX. Part CSA1
Seat, Super Corsa Large Frame (SKU: CSCORSA)Seat, Super Corsa Large Frame (SKU: CSCORSA)Super Corsa seat. Fits P and PX series. Will fit most largeframes except the "tall fuel tank" models, bit it's a little too wide for VBB, Super, etc. It fits, just doesn't look quite right on these models.
Super Corsa Seat, Italian Flag (SKU: CSCORSAIT)Super Corsa Seat, Italian Flag (SKU: CSCORSAIT)A cool alternative to the standard black Corsa seat. Cool Italian flag design shows your scooters root's. Fits Stella and all large frame Vespas.
Seat, Corsa Racing (SKU: CSCORSASF)Seat, Corsa Racing (SKU: CSCORSASF)Smallframe Super Corsa seat. One of the coolest seats we sell! Made for smallframes, but comes with alternate bracketry to fit largeframes too.

Fits all smallframes and all post-'59 largeframes except GS150 and "tall gas tank" models (GS/SS/Rally).

Seat, ET3 (SKU: CSET3)Seat, ET3 (SKU: CSET3)Original style seat for ET3 Primavera. Reinforced plastic base. Bench seat for two passengers fits all smallframes and comes with seat lock and keys.
Complete Seat, Grey GS/Sprint Style (SKU: CSGS)Complete Seat, Grey GS/Sprint Style (SKU: CSGS)This is an extremely high quality reprotuction GS160 seat in grey vinyl, complete with strap. The price is high, as it's handmade in Italy, but if you're missing a seat on your beloved GS this is the one! It will also work for Sprint, GL, Super, SS, VBB.
Seat, Super Low Profile (SKU: CSLP)Seat, Super Low Profile (SKU: CSLP)Giulari Corsa seat. Fits VNX, VLX or VSX.
Seat, Factory P Series (SKU: CSP1)Seat, Factory P Series (SKU: CSP1)Standard seat for VNX or VSX.
Seat, Low Profile PX Seat (SKU: CSP2)Seat, Low Profile PX Seat (SKU: CSP2)Not quite as high as a stock seat, and really nice on your rear side. Made with reinforced plastic base. Light weight with soft grain upholstery. Part CSP2
Seat, Factory Long Small Fram (SKU: CSPR)Seat, Factory Long Small Fram (SKU: CSPR)Standard seat for V5A, V9A, V9B or VMA.
Seat, Standard - VLX (SKU: CSPX)Seat, Standard - VLX (SKU: CSPX)Original seat for PX150. Fits VLX, VNX, VSX, VSE or VSD. Part CSPX
Seat, Factory Rally (SKU: CSR1)Seat, Factory Rally (SKU: CSR1)Standard seat for Rally. Fits VSD or VSE. Seat securing pin (56729), washers (S 16407, S 03057), and nut (S20107) sold separately.
Seat, Factory Sprint (SKU: CSS1)Seat, Factory Sprint (SKU: CSS1)Standard seat for Sprint. Fits VLB, VLA, VNB, VBB, VBA, VSD, VSE, VSB or VSC. Seat pin (56729), washers (S 16407, S 03057), and nut (S 20107), sold separately.
Seat, Single Saddle - Front (SKU: CSSS)Seat, Single Saddle - Front (SKU: CSSS)Standard front saddle seat. Fits VNB, VBA, VBB, VBC, VNC, VNX, VLX or VSX.
Seat, Single Saddle-Sm Frame (SKU: CSSS2)Seat, Single Saddle-Sm Frame (SKU: CSSS2)Standard single saddle seat for small frame Vespas. Fits on V5, V9 or VMA with central bolt on gas tank.

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