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Scooter Rims & Patch Kits
Scooter Rims and Patch Kits

Scooter Rims and Patch Kits

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Nut, Rim - 8mm with 11mm o.d. (SKU: S 12011)Nut, Rim - 8mm with 11mm o.d. (SKU: S 12011)Used for fastening to a bolt when mechanically joining materials together. This is a 8mm hex nut with an 11mm outer diameter specifically for factening wheel rims.
Nut, Wheel - No Collar (SKU: S 12131)Nut, Wheel - No Collar (SKU: S 12131)8mm lugnut for fastening your rim halves together. This style has no collar. Don't forget your washers and nuts when ordering.
Ride-On Tire Balancer & Sealant 8 oz. (SKU: 85-4200)Ride-On Tire Balancer & Sealant 8 oz. (SKU: 85-4200)Ride-On balances tires with or without wheel weights and seal punctures in tube and tubeless tires.  One treatment is good for the life of the tire.  For specific tire dosages, troubleshooting and more technical information visit www.ride-on.com
Rim, 3.50 x 10 chrome (SKU: R10C)Rim, 3.50 x 10 chrome (SKU: R10C)The best chrome quality we've seen on a rim yet! These are beautiful, shiny chrome rims. Add some blingy to your ride!

We recommend using a chrome polish with a rust inhibitor regularly.

Our supply on these is limited, so they are often out of stock. We appreciate your patience!

Rim, 3.50 x 10 Silver (SKU: R10S)Rim, 3.50 x 10 Silver (SKU: R10S)Standard rim for all 10" vintage Vespas except GS160 and SS180. Also fits Stella. Stamped of high quality steel and powder coated silver for great rust protection and chip resistance. Sold individually.
Rim, Chrome 3.50 x 8 pre 1966 (SKU: R8SC)Rim, Chrome 3.50 x 8 pre 1966 (SKU: R8SC)
Tire Repair Kit, Tube Type - Prima (SKU: 0600-0001)Tire Repair Kit, Tube Type - Prima (SKU: 0600-0001)We worked with the famous Stop & Go company to put together this great tire repair kit! Includes everything you need to patch a tube and re-inflate your tire on the spot (besides wheel removal tools). This little kit could save you from pushing your scoot miles!

Valve Stem - Brass Genuine OEM (SKU: P140B330000*)Valve Stem - Brass Genuine OEM (SKU: P140B330000*)90 degree brass valve stem OEM PGO brand
Valve Stem - NCY Aluminum  - Blue (SKU: 0600-0005)Valve Stem - NCY Aluminum - Blue (SKU: 0600-0005)

We are celebrating 19 years in business!  We provide high quality new and used scooters, service, and parts to enthusiasts across the nation.

Please place all orders online.  
If you have questions regarding your order, please email us at parts@thescooterlounge.com.