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Scooter Patches & Wallets
Scooter Patches & Wallets

Scooter Patches & Wallets

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Patch, 100 MPG (SKU: PA100)Patch, 100 MPG (SKU: PA100)This sassy patch snubs all those Escalade and Hummer drivers eating up all the world's fossil fuels (not to mention the emissions...). Also available in 70mpg.

Dimensions: 4 x 2.25 inches

Patch, Ask Me About My Scooter (SKU: PAASKME)Patch, Ask Me About My Scooter (SKU: PAASKME)You don't really need a patch to get people to ask about your scooter, but what the hell? It's a cool patch!
Patch, ET (SKU: PAET)Patch, ET (SKU: PAET)Show your ET2/4 pride with this multi-colored patch sporting the front of your scoot!

Dimensions: 3 x 2 inches

Patch, Stella (SKU: PATSTELLA)Patch, Stella (SKU: PATSTELLA)Great, oval embroidered patch with Stella script!

Dimensions: 3 x 1.75 inches

Scooter Buttons (6 Pack, Series 3) (SKU: 0100-0402)Scooter Buttons (6 Pack, Series 3) (SKU: 0100-0402)Six buttons to show off your love of scootering, scooter buttons, knobs and switches and buttons in general.
Scooter Buttons (6 Pack, Series 4) (SKU: 0100-0403)Scooter Buttons (6 Pack, Series 4) (SKU: 0100-0403)

Six Genuine scooter buttons.

Feel the 1" button love!

Wallet, Sunset w/Scooter Lady (SKU: 0100-0040)Wallet, Sunset w/Scooter Lady (SKU: 0100-0040)Keep your bankroll tight with this durable, stitched vinyl wallet. The inside is cool see-through vinyl. It has lots of pockets inside for your cards. 3.75x4.25" closed.


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