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Scooter Patches & Wallets
Scooter Patches & Wallets

Scooter Patches & Wallets

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Patch (Ask Me About My Scooter) (SKU: PAASKME)Patch (Ask Me About My Scooter) (SKU: PAASKME)You don't really need a patch to get people to ask about your scooter, but what the hell? It's a cool patch!
Patch (ET) (SKU: PAET)Patch (ET) (SKU: PAET)Show your ET2/4 pride with this multi-colored patch sporting the front of your scoot!

Dimensions: 3 x 2 inches

Patch (Stella) (SKU: PATSTELLA)Patch (Stella) (SKU: PATSTELLA)Great, oval embroidered patch with Stella script!

Dimensions: 3 x 1.75 inches

Patch, 100 MPG (SKU: PA100)Patch, 100 MPG (SKU: PA100)This sassy patch snubs all those Escalade and Hummer drivers eating up all the world's fossil fuels (not to mention the emissions...). Also available in 70mpg.

Dimensions: 4 x 2.25 inches

Scooter Buttons (6pk, 1", Series 3, Button Buttons) (SKU: 0100-0402)Scooter Buttons (6pk, 1", Series 3, Button Buttons) (SKU: 0100-0402)Six buttons to show off your love of scootering, scooter buttons, knobs and switches and buttons in general.
Scooter Buttons (6pk, 1", Series 4, Genuine Scooters) (SKU: 0100-0403)Scooter Buttons (6pk, 1", Series 4, Genuine Scooters) (SKU: 0100-0403)

Six Genuine scooter buttons.

Feel the 1" button love!

Wallet (Sunset w/Scooter Lady) (SKU: 0100-0040)Wallet (Sunset w/Scooter Lady) (SKU: 0100-0040)Keep your bankroll tight with this durable, stitched vinyl wallet. The inside is cool see-through vinyl. It has lots of pockets inside for your cards. 3.75x4.25" closed.

We are celebrating 20 years in business!  We provide high quality new and used scooters, service, and parts to enthusiasts across the nation.

All parts orders should be placed through this website.  
For assistance please email us at parts@thescooterlounge.com.  
We cannot place order over the phone.