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Scooter Key Chains
Scooter Key Chains

Scooter Key Chains

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Key Chain, Rubber Fenderlight (SKU: KC-FENDER RED)Key Chain, Rubber Fenderlight (SKU: KC-FENDER RED)Cool Fenderlight Vespa rubber keychain. In red or a violety-blue. Won't scratch your scooter's paint!
Keychain, Rubber - Buddy (SKU: KC-BUDDY1 RED)Keychain, Rubber - Buddy (SKU: KC-BUDDY1 RED)Cool rubber Buddy keychain won't scratch your paint. Available only in red/black at this time.
Keychain, Rubber - Buddy Black (SKU: KC4)Keychain, Rubber - Buddy Black (SKU: KC4)Sweet black & white rubber keychain won't scratch your paint and has the same Genuine logo on both sides! If it falls, it will always come up logo-side up! Hey, it's a few bucks! What else can we say?

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