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Scooter Books
Scooter Books

Scooter Books

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Book, Scooter Lifestyle (SKU: 0100-0802)Book, Scooter Lifestyle (SKU: 0100-0802)Author: Ian Grainger

There has been plenty said and written about scooters over the years but until now there has been no definitive look at the culture surrounding our chosen way of life.

Many authors have written about mods or the infamous and often over hyped beach battles of the 1960s but hardly any have tried to capture the atmosphere of the modern scene in print. We still owe the original mods for fueling the imagination of past, present and future generations and for leaving a rich scooter heritage behind them. Although the mod way of life was the spark which lit the fuse for many of us, the majority of scooter riders have evolved into lifestyle scooterists. We may not dress in a particular style, our scooters may not be adorned with lights and mirrors but we still burn with the same passion as our scooter riding ancestors.

It is over sixty years since the first Italian scooters rolled off the production lines but there is still a buzzing and vibrant lifestyle with the humble scooter as its nucleus. The small capacity machines have overtaken the lives of thousands of us, often to the detriment of everything else we hold dear. Careers, relationships and families have suffered for this overwhelming and expensive addiction. An addiction to which there is no cure.

We live and breathe the sickly sweet smell of synthetic two stroke oil and worship at the altar of our chosen gods, Lambretta and Vespa (or occasionally Gilera and Italjet). Our hands are permanently ingrained with the oily tattoos of a thousand engine rebuilds and our major organs have suffered the long term effects of our hedonistic lifestyle. Including interviews with well known Scootering personalities, over 150 color photographs of award winning custom scooters, best selling scooter models, rallies and events. This book is a must have for anyone interested in these fun machines.

Format: Softbound
Pages: 128
Length: 9.8125w x 9.8125h

Book, Beziehungskisten - photos of scooterists (SKU: BKBS)Book, Beziehungskisten - photos of scooterists (SKU: BKBS)A GREAT book by our German friend David Einsiedler. Contains hundreds of studio photos of scooterists with their rides. The best coffee table book we sell! Beautiful printing, soft bound.
Book, Scooters: Everything You Need to Know (SKU: BKEYNTK)Book, Scooters: Everything You Need to Know (SKU: BKEYNTK)By Eric Dregni.
Softcover, 160ppg
The newest book by Eric Dregni offers a different approach to the Scooter subject. There are chapters on history, buying a new scooter, safety, maintenance, rallies, clubs, and more. All new photos too!
Book, Vespa Tecnica Vol. 4 (SKU: BKVT4)Book, Vespa Tecnica Vol. 4 (SKU: BKVT4)Vespa Tecnica 4 covers special production and record-setting oddball scooters. Did you know Vespas set land speed records? Have you seen the Vespa with a bazooka mounted to it? They're in here.

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We want you to be thrilled with our service.  If you experience a problem regarding our repairs on your scooter, please bring it back within 30 days so we can make it right.  Vehicles that are not picked up upon completion after 3 business days will be charged storage fees of $10/day unless arrangements are made with management.  After 30 days property will be considered abandoned and sold.
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