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C3Strom Astro

C3Strom Astro

C3Strom Astro
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Introducing the Astro from C3Strom!  This awesome E-Moped* checks all the class 3 ebike boxes with a throttle-only speed of 20mph and a pedal-assist speed of 28mph.  But with a tap on your smartphone screen you can unlock the off-road mode that unleashes the full power of the motor reaching throttle-only speeds of over 30mph.  Equipped with head and tail lights, turn signals, and horn, this bike can get you anywhere-- and you can take it on the train or bus.  C3STROM represents a new age of urban mobility, responding to urban traffic difficulties with new technologies and engineering.  C3Strom builds powerful e-bikes with integrated design, full connection, and exceptional ride quality. Made for commuting and driving, but most importantly for the people who will ride them.

Multi-Class 1-3 with Off-Roading, 80Nm of Torque to tackle the hills, fast acceleration, up to 78 miles of range, 8-speed gears, Max load 330 lbs, LED lighting, 20″x4.25″ puncture-resistant tires, hydraulic disc brakes, half twist throttle, 1-5 level pedal assist and more.

*Note: Utah State Law defines a "Moped" as a vehicle with pedals and the ability to be operated by human power alone.  In the 70's Utah was more lenient, but today, "Mopeds" require a drivers license to operate.  However, "Electric Assisted Bicycles" do not require a license.  The C3Strom is technically an "Electric Assisted Bicycle" but we think the name "E-Moped" is a better fit.

Please Note:  E-bikes are not sold through this website, however, shipping of this product can be arranged.  Please request a quote above or come see us at The Scooter Lounge.

MSRP $2699
Engine 750W Bafang Motor
Top Speed 32 MPH
Range Up to 78 Miles
Display Backlit LCD
Dry Weight 95 lbs.
Tire Size 20 x 4.25 Fat Tires
Braking Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Warranty 1 year
Battery Samsung 52 Volt 20Ah, 1040Wh, removable and lockable
Charge Time 4-6 Hours
Derailleur 8 Speed Grip Shift
Off-Road Mode Switchable with app, bluetooth connectivity
Color Future Silver, Dark Gray

July 4th
 July 23rd- 24th
August 1st - 3rd
November 28th - 30th
December 25th - end of 2024  
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