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Parts by Category

Parts by Category

Parts by Scooter

Parts by Scooter

Genuine Windshields
Windscreen, Prima Medium - Buddy, (SKU: WSPRIMA1)Windscreen, Prima Medium - Buddy, (SKU: WSPRIMA1)Universal mid-size windscreen with bracketry to fit Buddy, Black Cat, Rattler, Yamaha Vino, and T&G Venice.

Dimensions are 17"W x 14"H

Windscreen, Cuppini Buddy - Short (SKU: WSBUD3)Windscreen, Cuppini Buddy - Short (SKU: WSBUD3)Sporty short windscreen for 2007 and later Buddy 125, buit will fit all Buddy 50-125 models. Includes all mounting hardware.

Dimensions are 17"W x 17"H, and 13" from top of headlight to top of screen.

Windscreen, Cuppini Buddy - Tall (SKU: WSBUD2)Windscreen, Cuppini Buddy - Tall (SKU: WSBUD2)Tall windscreen for all 2006 and earlier Buddy 50 and 125's.  Will not fit 2007 and later models with the larger headlight.  This baby will keep your perm looking perfect!

Dimensions are 28"W x 28"H, and 23" from top of headlight to top of screen.

Windscreen, Cuppini Buddy - Short (SKU: WSBUD1)Windscreen, Cuppini Buddy - Short (SKU: WSBUD1)Sporty short windscreen for all Buddy 50 models and Buddy 125 through 2006. Includes all mounting hardware.

2007 and later Buddy 125 owners, please use part #WSBUD3.

Windscreen, Blur (SKU: WSBLUR1)Windscreen, Blur (SKU: WSBLUR1)Sporty, tinted short windscreen for Blur. Includes mounting hardware. An original Genuine accessory.
Slipstreamer Universal 66 Series (SKU: 56-6618)Slipstreamer Universal 66 Series (SKU: 56-6618)
Slipstreamer Universal 50 Series (SKU: 56-6617)Slipstreamer Universal 50 Series (SKU: 56-6617)
Slipstreamer Universal 40 Series Windshield (SKU: 56-6616)Slipstreamer Universal 40 Series Windshield (SKU: 56-6616)
Slipstreamer Universal 30 Series Windshield (SKU: 56-6615)Slipstreamer Universal 30 Series Windshield (SKU: 56-6615)
Prima Rattler Tall Windshield (SKU: 0700-1012)Keep the wind out of your face while riding through cornfields in a suit. Tall but sporty windscreen for Rattler 50 and 110, but will also fit Rough House 50 models. Includes all mounting hardware.
Windshield, Short Smoke - Rattler (SKU: 0700-1009)Windshield, Short Smoke - Rattler (SKU: 0700-1009)