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Common Chinese Parts
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Brake Lever Left Hand Drum Black (SKU: 100-10)Brake Lever Left Hand Drum Black (SKU: 100-10)
Brake Lever Right Hand Black (SKU: 159-41)Brake Lever Right Hand Black (SKU: 159-41)
Carburetor for GY6 (SKU: 164-49)Carburetor for GY6 (SKU: 164-49)GY6 Carburetor for 150cc and 125cc 4-stroke QMJ152/157 QMI152/157 engines.
Carburetor Repair Kit for GY6 (SKU: 164-194)Carburetor Repair Kit for GY6 (SKU: 164-194)
CDI 150 cc (SKU: 100-153)CDI 150 cc (SKU: 100-153)
Centerstand For GY6 (SKU: 100-164)Centerstand For GY6 (SKU: 100-164)
Centerstand Spring for GY6 (SKU: 100-138)Centerstand Spring for GY6 (SKU: 100-138)
Diaphragm for GY6 150 Carburetor (SKU: 164-286)Diaphragm for GY6 150 Carburetor (SKU: 164-286)
Dipstick for GY6 Motor Oil (SKU: 164-141)Dipstick for GY6 Motor Oil (SKU: 164-141)
Electronic Choke (SKU: 164-260)Electronic Choke (SKU: 164-260)
Fuel Float Sending Unit (SKU: 164-51)Fuel Float Sending Unit (SKU: 164-51)
Fuel Pump (SKU: 129-32)Fuel Pump (SKU: 129-32)
Ignition Coil Universal (SKU: 164-55)Ignition Coil Universal (SKU: 164-55)
Intake Manifold Double Point (SKU: 164-221)Intake Manifold Double Point (SKU: 164-221)
Intake Manifold Single Point (SKU: 164-5)Intake Manifold Single Point (SKU: 164-5)
Left Hand Brake Switch Wire for GY6 (SKU: 100-60)Left Hand Brake Switch Wire for GY6 (SKU: 100-60)
Master Cylinder Sight Glass (SKU: 100-219)Master Cylinder Sight Glass (SKU: 100-219)
Muffler Screw Set 6mm (SKU: 190-54-6mm)Muffler Screw Set 6mm (SKU: 190-54-6mm)
Muffler Screw Set 8 mm (SKU: 190-54-8mm)Muffler Screw Set 8 mm (SKU: 190-54-8mm)
NCY Exhaust Gasket (Steel); GY6 (SKU: 0500-1008)NCY Exhaust Gasket (Steel); GY6 (SKU: 0500-1008)
O-ring for Intake Manifold (SKU: 164-170)O-ring for Intake Manifold (SKU: 164-170)
Oil Change Kit - GY6 (SKU: Oil Change Kit - GY6)Oil Change Kit - GY6 (SKU: Oil Change Kit - GY6)This kit comes with an O-ring for the oil strainer, 2 small crush washers for the gear oil drain and fill bolt, 1 large crush washer for motor oil drain bolt.
Petcock 3-Port Inline (SKU: 164-288)Petcock 3-Port Inline (SKU: 164-288)
Petcock Bolt On Type (SKU: 164-93)Petcock Bolt On Type (SKU: 164-93)
Rear Brake Switch (Different Style) (SKU: 100-206)Rear Brake Switch (Different Style) (SKU: 100-206)
Right Hand Brake Switch for GY6 (SKU: 100-127)Right Hand Brake Switch for GY6 (SKU: 100-127)
Starter Motor by PSYKHO for GY6 (SKU: 2110-0296)Starter Motor by PSYKHO for GY6 (SKU: 2110-0296)Starter Motor by PSYKHO for GY6 - common starter motor for many Chinese GY6 scooters.
Variator 150 cc (SKU: 164-287)Variator 150 cc (SKU: 164-287)

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