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Air Filter Sponge, Buddy 50Air Filter Sponge, Buddy 50
Air Filter, Blur 150, Hooligan 170Air Filter, Blur 150, Hooligan 170
Air Filter, Blur 200iAir Filter, Blur 200i
Air Filter, Buddy 125, 150, 170Air Filter, Buddy 125, 150, 170AIR FILTER (BUDDY 125/150)
Air Filter, Buddy KickAir Filter, Buddy Kick
Air Filter, Roughhouse 50, Rattler 50/110, Black Cat 50Air Filter, Roughhouse 50, Rattler 50/110, Black Cat 50This is the PGO brand replacement air filter for your Genuine Rattler, Roughhouse or Black Cat scooter.

Please don't embarass yourself and let your scooter down by letting the air filter get too dirty. A dirty filter will impede performance and, if left dirty long enough, dust and dirt escapes into your engine.

This PGO air filter is Genuine part# P226203000 and was machine crafted especially for you and your Genuine scooter.
Air Filter, Stella 150Air Filter, Stella 150
Air Filter, Stella AutomaticAir Filter, Stella Automatic

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