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Vespa ET Accessories
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Clip, Sidepanel - ET2-4Clip, Sidepanel - ET2-4
Cuppini, Front Bumper (Chrome); Vespa ET2, ET4Cuppini, Front Bumper (Chrome); Vespa ET2, ET4High Italian quality accessory from Cuppini. Fits ET4/ ET2 Vespa front fenders. Easy installation - no drilling required, must remove reflectors.
Cuppini, Large Front Rack; Vespa ET2/ET4Cuppini, Large Front Rack; Vespa ET2/ET4Cuppini brand Italian accessory. Fits ET4/ET2 with easy installation. No drilling required.
Cuppini, Legshield Protectors; Vespa ET2/ET4Cuppini, Legshield Protectors; Vespa ET2/ET4Mod-style, Cuppini brand Italian legshield protectors for Vespa ET2 - ET4. The chrome beautifies your bike. Comes with all hardware required for installation. No drilling required to install.
Front Fender, ET2, ET4 (Chrome)Front Fender,  ET2, ET4 (Chrome)New replacement front fender for Vespa ET2-ET4. Available in unpainted or high quality chrome plated plastic. You will need to remove the front fork assembly to replace this.
Left Mirror (Chrome); ET2, ET4Left Mirror (Chrome); ET2, ET4Chrome metal Mirror for your ET2 or ET4. This chrome mirror has a shorter 7" stem and a 4" mirror head. Includes all hardware and rubber boot. Includes left mirror, rubber boot, nuts and one spacer.
Plug, Frame - ET2-4Plug, Frame - ET2-4
Plug, Frame - ET2-4Plug, Frame - ET2-4
Plug, Glovebox - ET2-4Plug, Glovebox - ET2-4
Sidestand, Chrome, ET2/4 / LX - Buzzetti (ART.4336)Sidestand, Chrome, ET2/4 / LX - Buzzetti (ART.4336)Chrome sidestand for ET2-4 and LX 50/150 models. Easy to install and VERY HANDY!
Sidestand, Vespa ET2/4 / LX - FacoSidestand, Vespa  ET2/4 / LX - FacoSidestand for ET2-4 and LX 50/150 models. In black or chrome. Easy to install and VERY HANDY!
Small Front Rack (Chrome); Vespa ET2/ET4Small Front Rack (Chrome); Vespa ET2/ET4Faco brand Italian small front rack for Vespa ET2-4. Comes with a chrome horn cover, which is needed to install the rack.
Suspension Cover; Vespa ET2/ET4Suspension Cover; Vespa ET2/ET4



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We gladly service the brands we sell:  

Please call or email to schedule an appointment before bringing your scooter in.  Scooters are accepted during business hours so please do not leave your scooter outside our building after store hours.  If you experience a problem regarding our repairs on your scooter, please bring it back within 30 days so we can make it right.  Vehicles that are not picked up upon completion after 3 business days will be charged storage fees of $10/day unless arrangements are made with management.  After 30 days property will be considered abandoned and sold.

We DO NOT work on off-brand scooters made in China unless they can get to us under their own power and are approved by management.  
We DO NOT work on legacy vehicles (scooters that are out of production) unless they can get to us under their own power and are approved by management. 

We DO NOT work on mopeds (gas powered vehicles with pedals), Honda Express, Trails, or Passports.  

We DO NOT work on motorcycles. 

We DO NOT work on stand up kick scooters unless it is a brand that we sell.

We DO NOT work on electric bicycles unless it is a brand that we sell.

We have a waiting list if you need work on Vintage Vespas.  Please do not drop off your vintage Vespa unless we have called you to bring it in.
All parts orders should be placed through this website.  
For assistance please email us at parts@thescooterlounge.com.  
We cannot place order over the phone.