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Vespa GT/GTS Rear Racks
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Backrest. Vespa GTS250 - Fits Cuppini RackBackrest. Vespa GTS250 - Fits Cuppini RackCuppini passenger backrest for Vespa GTS250. This will only work in conjunction with rack GTSRR1 (not included); it cannot be fitted alone.
Rear Rack for Top Case, Chrome for Vespa GTS/GTVRear Rack for Top Case, Chrome for Vespa GTS/GTVYou've got a sweet shiny Vespa GTS 250, 300, GTV or SUPER and want to mount a top case on it but DON'T feel like spending next month's rent on a Vespa Accessory top case & rear rack..... then waiting while the parts are on intergalactic back-order. Here's a great, top quality, aftermarket solution for a rear rack that allows for mounting a Top Case.

*Not compatible with Vespa 42 liter top case, due to proprietary mounting system*
Rear Rack, Fold Down Vespa GT200Rear Rack, Fold Down Vespa GT200Cuppini brand Italian rear rack. Bolts to existing holes on your GT200 and has a fold-down style rack.
Rear Rack, Fold-Down, Black for Vespa GTS 250/300Rear Rack, Fold-Down, Black for Vespa GTS 250/300Excellent-quality chrome front rack from Prima fits the following models:
Vespa LX50
Vespa LX150
Vespa GT200
Vespa GTS250
Vespa GTS300
Rear Rack, Vespa GTS250 - CuppiniRear Rack, Vespa GTS250 - CuppiniCuppini brand chrome rear rack for Vespa GTS250. No drilling required to install.

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