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Buddy Seat

Genuine Buddy Seat

Genuine Buddy Seat Manual

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Img Ref # 1 SEAT ASSYBLACK (SKU: P66710000007 Buddy Seat)
Img Ref # 1 SEAT ASSYBROWN (SKU: P66710000009 Buddy Seat)
Img Ref # 1 SEAT ASSYITALIA (SKU: P6671000000C Buddy Seat)
Img Ref # 1 SEAT ASSYPAMPLONA (SKU: P66710000009 Buddy Seat - Brown for Pamplona 2019 and newer)
Img Ref # 1 SEAT ASSYST. TROPEZ (SKU: P6671000000D Buddy Seat)
Img Ref # 1 SEAT ASSYWHITE (SKU: P66710000008 Buddy Seat)
Img Ref # 2 BRACKETD (SKU: C1681060000 Buddy Seat)
Img Ref # 3 SPECIAL BOLT (SKU: C1681070000 Buddy Seat)
Img Ref # 4 HEXAGON FLANGE NUT (SKU: 92040600000 Buddy Seat)
Img Ref # 5 LUGGAGE ASSY FOR BUDDY 170i ONLY (SKU: P6681000000F Buddy Seat Buddy 170i ONLY)
Img Ref # 5 LUGGAGE ASSY FOR PLASTIC FUEL TANK (SKU: P66810040000 Buddy Seat Buddy 50/125/150 ONLY)
Img Ref #11 TOOL KIT SLEEVE (SKU: C1701180000 Buddy Seat)
Img Ref #12 LUGGAGE LOW COVER (SKU: P668A020000 Buddy Seat)
Img Ref #13 SPRING NUT U-TYPE (SKU: 92370500003 Buddy Seat)
Img Ref #15 O-RING (SKU: P6701030000 Buddy Seat)
Img Ref #16 BACK LAMP ASSY 2006 and older (SKU: P56660000002 Buddy Seat)
Img Ref #16 BACK LAMP ASSY LED2007+ (SKU: P66660000000 Buddy Seat)
Img Ref #18 LAMP BULB(12V 18/05W)FOR 2006 BACK LAMP ONLY (SKU: 98311218050 Buddy Seat)
Img Ref #19 LENSFOR 2006 BACK LAMP ONLY (SKU: P566F010000 Buddy Seat)

July 4th
 July 23rd- 24th
August 1st - 3rd
November 28th - 30th
December 25th - end of 2024  
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